Police Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are frequently used in police documents.

Code Description
A Adult / No rain expected
AC Aircraft crash
AC Animal control
ADW Assault with a deadly weapon
AID Accident investigation detail
APB All points bulletin
ASAP As soon as possible
AV Abandoned vehicle
B Rain expected
BKG Booking
BLK Block
BO Out of order
BOL Be on the lookout
CP Complaining party
CPD City or county property damage
CT Court
DB Dead body
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles information requested
DOA Dead on arrival
E-B Eastbound
ETA Estimated time of arrival
EXP Expired
FTA Failure to appear
GOA Gone on arrival
GTA Grand theft auto
I/S Intersection
INJ Injury
J Juvenile involved
LIC License
LT/T Left turn
M/C Motorcycle
NCIC National Criminal Information Center
NIA Non-injury accident
OBS Observed
OD Off duty
OP LIC operator's license
OT Over time
PAB Policy administration building
PI Personal injury
POSS Possession
QT Secrecy required
RES DIST Residential district
ROF Report on file
RP Reporting party
SPD Speed
UTL Unable to locate
VEH Vehicle
VIN Vehicle identification number
WIT Witness
X Female involved

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